Monday, October 30, 2023
console integrations

syncing overview

Third party integrations are now live in the Phase Console. This allows native integrations with a host of third party providers to keep your secrets automatically in-sync.

Server-side encryption

This release adds support to opt-in to server side encryption for selected Environments. This is required for the Phase Console to automatically sync your secrets with third-party services. Click the "Enable Syncing" button under the "Syncing" tab of your app to enable this.

enable syncing

Setting up an Integration

To start syncing secrets with a third-party services, you will first need to setup an authentication method. This may be an API token, access key or OAuth credentials depending on the service. Check out the docs for instructions on setting up syncing with specific services.

After setting up Authentication, all you need to do is pick a source and destination for secrets.

syncing set up

Manage Integrations

Once setup, you can keep track of sync jobs from the Syncing tab of your App and view details logs and metadata for each job. You can also pause and resume a specific sync job if needed.

monitor sync

We've also added an Integrations page accessible from the sidebar to keep track of authentication and syncs across your organization.

This release ships with support for Cloudflare Pages, and we'll be shipping tons more soon including AWS Secrets Manager, HashiCorp Vault and many others. Stay tuned for more updates and reach out to us on Slack or GitHub if there's a specific integration you'd like to see!

Integrations are available in Phase Console v2.6.0


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