Encryption infrastructure for your

Encrypt data client side. Decrypt and process data in memory only when required. Securely manage keys on your own terms.

import phase from '@phase.dev/phase-js'

// Encrypt data with Phase SDK
const encryptedData = await phase.encrypt(data)

// Store it on your own infrastructure
await fetch(https://api.myapp.com, {
method: POST,
body: JSON.stringify(encryptedData)

Encrypt data before it hits your infrastructure.

No matter your use-case, our SDKs allow you to encrypt sensitive data straight in the browsers of your users. Store it in your existing infrastructure and only decrypt it when required. Nothing to breach.

Traveller information

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Know your customer (KYC) data - Passport information, Government IDs, PANs, Driver’s license etc.
Financial and Payments data
Credit Cards, UPI IDs, Bank Statements, Tax Returns, Trading reports etc.
Medical data
Personal Health Information (PHI), Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Diagnostic Images and Lab Results, Treatment Plans and History and much more.
Developer secrets
API Tokens and Keys - AWS, Stripe, GitHub, GCP, Azure etc. SSH keys, Gateway credentials & Application Secrets.
Internet of things (IOT)
Location and Environmental data, Sensor data and related metadata, SCADA Telemetry.

Decryption and processing

Securely decrypt data with the dual key model. Think of it as a safety deposit box. You have one part of the key, while we have the other. Hedge against instance level compromise and key leakage.

import phase from '@phase.dev/phase-node'

// Decrypt data with Phase SDK
const data = await phase.decrypt(encryptedData)

// Process plaintext data in memory
await stripe.createPaymentMethod({
billing_details: {
name: data.cardHolderName

Phase Console

Create, manage and deploy keys effortlessly. The Phase Console gives you complete control and observability over your decryption activity.


Ultra-low latency Key Management Service

With a global edge network that spans 285+ cities around the world, the Phase Key Management service (KMS) is designed from the ground up to run as close to your cloud infrastructure as possible.

Google Cloud Platform
Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services

Seamlessly integrates with your stack

Secure your existing workload, wherever it may be. Phase works with all major cloud providers, version control platforms, and has SDKs for your favorite languages.

Start encrypting in minutes

Spin up keys in the Phase Console, add the SDKs to your existing projects and encrypt!