AWS Secrets Manager Integration

Saturday, January 6, 2024
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aws secrets manager

The Phase Console now has native integration with AWS Secrets Manager, allowing you to use Phase as a single source of truth for all secrets in your AWS Stack.

Setting up Integration with AWS Secrets Manager

To start using AWS Secrets Manager integration, you need to authenticate Phase with your AWS credentials. Head on over to your Organisation "Integrations" page and follow the instructions to set up AWS authentication. Check out the docs for complete instructions on creating authentication credentails.

create aws credentials

input aws credentials

Creating a sync is as simple as picking an Environment in Phase as the source of Secrets, and your secret in AWS as the target.

setup aws sync

Support for Customer Managed Keys (CMKs)

You can optionally choose to encrypt secrets with a Customer Managed Key (CMK). To use this option, simply provide the ARN of the key you'd like to use.

setup advanced aws sync

Once setup, you can keep track of sync jobs from the Syncing tab of your App and view details logs and metadata for each job. You can also pause and resume a specific sync job if needed, or trigger syncs manually.

AWS Secrets Manager integration is available in Phase Console v2.7.0 and you can find complete documentation at Phase Docs


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